Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The 2kDozen 500: #283 - Necro, "The Murder Murder Kill Kill Double EP"

Wow! This last lad has a lumpen flow. But as the album moiders on, it seems these are the least of our problems. He likes his schlocky horror. The cover is like something from heavy metal lore. "Schizophrenia" sketches out a picture of a guy with a mullet and a face "like a corroded nutcase" and knife-slicing. And just a list of medications.

Hmmm. "Sharon's Fetus (The Pre-kill)" is really fucking charmless. "I got something to say/I killed your baby today/And it doesn't matter much to me/As long as it's dead." And while we're at it. "Megan Fox is begging for cocks/I'm get her pregnant/Spread her legs and hatch the eggs in her box" on "I'm Like Howard Stern" is just one of the fuck-witted celebrity rape fantasies he cracks along with.

There's a political dimension too. Well, not political exactly. But "Tough Jew/Rabbi Holding Guns" points out that "Hitler was a homosexual cock-sucking dick-blower". So, you know... "For The Streets" gives me an idea of what Jay-Z might have sounded like if he was Hebrew - same straight-forward beats and some trebly fluttery business to balance it out. And it's full of Yiddish. That's not quite enough to do it for me though.

It sounds like he had a laugh doing it. A really nasty hollow laugh. I'm getting the hip hop fear again. Which suggests it will all dull in my mind as all my previous anxieties about other artists and artistes. But at the same time he voms up shite like "I got raw talent/Pages of pun/This is an amazing song/My talent is raw." (I'm not kidding.) Usually I start to hear the cartoon in the exaggerated shit and I feel better; but Necro is pushing the cartoon so hard that it scares me.

"Pump this shit, bitch/Suck this dick/You're a piece of shit I made out of my rib/..Lick those balls/That's the reason you were born on this Earth/Let's get perverse." That's the closer. You think anyone could be serious about that wank?

And he can't say "twat" properly. The twoaot.

Rating: Straight out of Wank

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