Saturday, 7 July 2012

The 2kDozen 500: #254 - Reptar, "Body Faucet"

So here's the thing. I had a lot of after hours work to get done the last few days which meant I could listen to new albums but couldn't spend time recording my thoughts on them. So, rather than fall further behind and/or have to re-listen to them, I've decided to sketch out only my most easily-remembered impressions and leave the rest to the plughole of history.

It's only when I'm typing it out that it occurs to me what a weirdly disturbing title "Body Faucet" is. It sounds like some epidemic gone really rancid and liquidising the innards. (Or is that just me?) I hadn't heard of the band before, but was nudged in their direction by the NME website, thinking that it would be new and maybe even a little fresh.

It started with cowbell and Vangelis drift and I thought it was promising, but then a heavy grade irritation of an adenoidal sneer kicked in and all hope was washed away in its snotty tide. I think there were over voices, but I decided to turn my face away and listen only with the back of my head. I'm sure I had a cleverer observation but it was Wednesday and therefore, never going to last until now. Hipster bonfires and cats videoing themselves being sick on their own furry little smartphones. Instagram rock!

Rating: Cat Sick out of Instagram

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