Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The 2kDozen 500: #275 - Cian Ciaran, "Outside In"

"Whatever happened to all the people/Who gave a fuck?"

Cian kicks off this first album in his own name with the soft, swirling, double-tracked vocal MoR business that I recognise from cameos on Super Furry albums like Love Kraft. A man with more than an ear for Lennon and Dennis Wilson, but the fingers to go with it. "3rd Time Lucky" doesn't sound very lucky at all; the final chord on the piano taking an age to fade away.

The music feels far removed from my palette really. I'm not sure how to grapple with it. But I have been able to work out that it's about love. Melancholic, life-affirming love: the kind that grown-ups write about. There's also thoughts about life is a rollercoaster - on more than one tune. If the music and his voice wasn't quite so heartfelt (or as good an imitation of heartfelt as it is), then I would not be interested. The rollercoaster metaphor will normally be dropped like a cold hotdog with shitty onions; but it survives. Likewise, the idea that life isn't a "dress rehearsal". I'd like to see some peer-reviewed evidence to back that claim.

I wonder if "Martina Franca" is the inspiration for all this? Or rather, whether there is an actual someone behind all this; or whether it's all fictional? I can't make up my mind whether there's a real Martina or not. The tune is very close to Heroes & Villains.That much I can say. "Rollercoaster Ride" has a bit of a Euro-sophisticated sound. But it sounds like these few basic elements, lyrical and musical, are used together over and over to diminishing effect.

Cian has such broad interests, I would've hoped to hear more of an acid influence or something a bit more orechestral. He works better as a contributor than the whole show, perhaps.

Rating: Rollercoaster out of MoR Romance

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