Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The 2kDozen 500: #267 - Milk Maid, "Mostly No"

This is the stuff that guitars and cute lads with long hair were simultaneously cast from the molten fury of Hell for. Or something. Always when I hear music arc off in this languid, stoned direction I feel my inner adolescent reaching out for an easier version of myself, hoping this music will somehow rub off in my general direction. Just right balance of easy, noisy and romantic; a successful culmination of many different musical strands. At least it was when it was early Teenage Fanclub pulling the strings. The sound peeks out of the eternal, and these guys assume the position.

"Bad Luck" features the slidy, bendy vocals and guitar, which represents a delicious summery laziness. "New Plans" is short and acoustic. "Pictures of Stone" is another little vignette of a tune. "Old Trick" has a slight touch of the Crazy Horse about it, it does. It clocks in at a massive 4:59 as well, so it's the epic tangle of the album. There are lyrics, but these do not seem to be a priority. "Dopamine" is the big bottom-shaking, swaying at the bar, feedback-squealing delight that opens up the business very capably. The focus of a squealing guitar is a very beautiful thing.

Hang on, they're from Manchester? Have I really not been paying attention? (When I have I ever been paying attention? Eh?) I had actually made the classic assumption of presuming they came from the States, but they're from some of the ashes of Nine Black Alps. They were a good band too. The closer "No Goodbye" does sound more Manc-erer though, to be honest.

Rating: Languid Romance out of Better Teenage Selves

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