Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The 2kDozen 500: #261 - Ganger, "Fore"

Another Peel selection. Kraut-flavoured indie from Scotland that still had the Scottish bits sticking out. Some long tracks too, the opener was over twelve minutes. And some timely Tour artwork as well. Using the record shop method of buying albums on the basis of name and design, judging records by their covers. It's like the seven inch bin at Square Records in Wimborne Minster all over again.

They definitely sound more laid-back than a few bands of their ilk, as though this album was something they put together on their lunch break.Well, a few lunch breaks perhaps. "Jellyneck" sounds quite a Scots title - something to do with necking tramezepans. Sounds like that too.

I don't remember any real insights. But I liked it. I liked it.

Rating: Taking The Cycling out of Krautrock And Showing It Everyone

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