Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The 2kDozen 500: #262 - The Gap Band, "The Gap Band"

More late Seventies Peel disco. I wonder if he ever played any of this stuff at discos? By the time I was listening to his shows in the late Eighties, he was complaining about requests and playing obscure trance tracks by The KLF. But then why would they sit on his shelves unplayed?

So I decided to listen to it. Not many surprises. "Shake" shook. "You Can Count On Me" cheeses. "Messin; With My Mind" doesn't mess with too much of any of the sort - although there's a noise like the beginning of "Monkey", which is pretty cool. Gets straight back to funky bass and brass stabs. Lyrically, tales of lust, persuasion and manipulation - the traditional disco fodder: everything going through your head as you size up your dancefloormates for sexual availability.

"Baby Baba Boogie" invests heavily in a slightly shonky sounding synthesizer. Which tickles my fancy. "I Can Sing" rounds it up, although people will have worked that out by the last track anyway. It's slow and comes over a bit Stevie Wonder.

All in all, some fun without pissing any pants.

Rating: Brass Stabs out of Disco Vocabulary

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