Tuesday, 31 March 2009

More words about music from my crumbling lips..


I'll keep this short, as my time management is absolutely appalling.

Here is my review of the Super Furry Animals' new LP which I downloaded about two weeks ago. I am a very slow thinker, and top-notch prevaricator. Why do now what I can put off indefinitely and never actually do?

Here you are - SFA - Dark Days/Light Years.

Your pal,

Coc x

PS If you haven't seen "The Damned Utd" yet, it's a good film for Clough initiates, but isn't as intense and interesting as the book. Imagine if it was somehow remixed with the Red Riding series that was on Channel 4, and you're nearer the mark.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

1000 Songs Everyone Must Hear? ... Pardon?


While I appreciate the importance of paying heed to our roots, even in the glamour-driven, disposable culture of the pop song, I am disappointed (though not surprised) to read through the 1000 Songs Everyone Must Hear supplement this week in the Guardian/Observer to find the usual weighting towards the Canon (Dylan, Beatles, Johnny Cash, whatever sits within the Mississippi/Mersey axis of rock).

Yesterday was "People And Places", and while there were some undoubtedly correct choices ("West End Girls", "Dirty Old Town", "007 (Shanty Town)"), I'm not sure we need another three Dylan songs, when there is apparently no room for Super Furry Animals' "Mountain People". Or perhaps that's the point of "Mountain People"? That they live in a forgotten quarter of the country anyway. I think the journos involved are more interested in polishing their knowledge of almost obscure blues and soul numbers rather than stretching their preconceptions a little.

And Glasvegas? Really? Can it be their success is based on anything other than James Allan's resemblance to Joe Strummer? I'm not sure. Stick with JAMC, I reckon.

Or perhaps all of this excitement has been spilled out by the gigcast and download release of the new SFA album, "Dark Days/Light Years", which I think is a real "return to form". Like those "return to form" albums that U2 and Beck and Oasis and Bob Dylan bring out every couple of years and everyone says "This is the best album since [the last one they did that everyone agrees wasn't shit]" until the next album comes out and it is relegated back into the shit basket.

Anyway, it's the best SFA album since "Rings Around The World".

Your pal, Coc x

Monday, 16 March 2009

Os oedd Elfys Preseli yn dod o Ynys Mon...


As I have almost nothing better to do (ahem!), I have translated a few classic albums into Welsh. This may well become an occasional series.

That is all.

Profiad Simi Hendrics - Wyt ti'n Brofiadol?
Rhobet ap Dylan - Gwaed ar y Traciau
Ffloyd Pinc - Ochr Tywyll o'r Llun
Y Cwymp - Ar Byw o'r Profion Ddewiniaid
Penradio - O'r Gorau, Cyfrifiadur
Y Cerrig A Derigla - Alltud ar Stryd Fawr
Dafydd ap Owi - Siggi Serlwch a'r Pryfed Cop o'r Planed Mawrth
Y Trawiad - Galw Llundain
S.L.G. - Pawb sy'n Brifo
Gwynfyd - Mewn Groth
Y Pistolau Rhywiol - Ni Wnaeth Beth Fo'r Eirin, Dyma'r Pistolau Rhywiol!
Rhyd-y-Goed Mac - Ysgithr
Adran Llawen - Mwynhadau Anhysbys
Gelyn Y Gwlad - Mae'n Rhaid Wrth Genedl o Filwyn i Dal Ni'n Ol
Anifeiliad Anhygoel Blewog - Mane

Your pal, Coc x

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Title Wanted - Enquire Within

Take a sideways squint at this, and tell me your words.

I've been meaning to try and write my review-type opinions of an album for some time. Cowardice has meant that it had to be about a band I knew quite well, personally even. And I betray my background in English Lit Crit quite nakedly.

But I was struck that The Nightjars were singing almost all the time about the city, the band's muse and its tormenting Furie. All Greek mythology and shit. It was the same feeling I got about the Polytechnic's LP, that it was all about them negotiating with the music business - "Won't You Come Around?", "Rain Check", and of course, "Cold-Hearted Business".

Here, here - look here!

Perhaps I should stick to penning songs about unemployed military donkeys.

Your pal,

Coc x