Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Titles Are For Chumps, Swap Trainers For Pumps

Ey up, me ducks!

So the grey slides down the slated roofs and muddles around our feet, so what? So it soaks the fringes of our velvet bellbottoms, so it seeps into the backs of our hearts and asks us uncomfortable questions in a chilling, wet voice about how far we think we've come and in what direction - so what about any of that?

One September has born a monster - a thrice-cephalopodded beast of Junkbox. Junkbox 26 (para-titled Wet September Fruits) has clustered itself against that which went before. This is the news on which we must focus. This is the story the kids want to hear.

It readies itself on my computer now, it gestates - and once that pregnancy reaches it partition, it will be available here. But what does it comprise, grammar fans? Well...

Insidious Junkbox XXVEye - West September Fruits

Frank Black - Los Angeles (nearly typed Los Angleseys - how cool would that've been, eh?)
The Breeders - Metal Man
Secret Colours - Bad Vibrations
Women - Venice Lockjaw (LP- Public Strain is very good!)
Public Image - Fodderstompf (anti-disco dub disco!!!!)
Neon Indian - Mind, Drips (Bibio remix)
Sole - Sebago
Edgar Wappenhalter - "Michel Brun Omber" (Cauliflower Dreams cassettes)
Flying Lotus - Zodiac Shit
Devon Irons - Vampire
Duran Duran Duran - Hard Girls
Grass Widow - Submarine (LP - Past Time is also very good!)
Baby Monster - Ultra Violence And Beethoven
Neil Michael Hegarty - Repeat The Sound of Joy (very, very finally)

So until we crush the next pub quiz at Jam St cafe in der Range, I'll leave you with the sound of your life blood rushing through your pearl-like shell-likes.

Your pal, Coc x

Sunday, 12 September 2010

World Edging Closer To Equidistance

Howdy, flakes!

The hibernation of fun has been staved off for another minute or so: another Junkbox has slopped out the traps and is limping its way out into the Universe from this point in space and time. A more fluent understanding of physics and the nature of essence would enable me to stretch the point out infinitely, wrap around the ears of millions, warp it around the thoughts of thousands; but then a more fluent grasp of my potential as dictator, demagogue and potentate would've steered me to a position of massive and distortive cultural influence, through which MY loves would become THEIR loves (but not YOUR loves) and my heart would boil with the bloody gratitude of a hundred starving artists.

Now the paranoid, meta-fantasy fades away and I find myself sat before another ODI, I'm left only with the hollow victory of another Insidious Junkbox - the TWENTY-FIFTH!! I think I'm roughly on course for a Junkbox per month since I started in July 2008, and that fills me with an enormous sense of under-being. (Parklife!)

Lend an ear and let the wax pour forth!

Insidious Junkbox XXV: Robert Maxwell's Silver Junkbox

Menomena! - Ghost Ship
MC Mabon - Canna Lembo
No Age - Boy Void
Scritti Politti- P.A.s
Cut Copy - Hearts On Fire
Boards of Canada - Skyliner
Liquid Liquid - Scraper
The Fall - Who Makes The Nazis?
De La Soul - Freedom To Speak
Depth Charge - I ... Always Do
Ayalew Mesfin & Black Lion Band - Gedawo
Gorffenwyd - Y Cynllwyn (The Conspiracy)
Datblygu - Hymne Europa 1992 (plus rare bit of DRE speaking English!)
Jeffrey Lewis - Punk Is Dead (Crass cover)
Beck - Sexxx Laws (this will be played at the Coc/Lw wedding disco!)

All these tracks were selected by my iPod on shuffle, as an attempt to do something a bit different to mark the silver number achievement. I skipped a couple by the same bands, and to be honest, I did also set Otis Reddings's "Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay" aside. Punch me in the kidneys and call me an organ rapist, if it makes me feel any better.

So until I manage to work out how I can translate my skull doodles into some kind of Insidious Junkbox emblem, I shall leave you to your stinking thinking.

Your pal, Coc x

Thursday, 2 September 2010

There's Always Room On The Womb

Junkbox Heil!

It used to be so easy. I'd just sit at the computer and nine times out of ten a torrent of bird-shaped imagery and liquid-based metaphor (or was it a flock?) would spunk out of my thinkhole (or was it swoop?) and I'd write them down using a computer (or was it a bird-table?) and sit back all pleased with myself at the corrosive power of my wobbly intellect.

Now I make a list of the songs. Dry is my thought and withered my writing stick.

Insidious Junkbox 24: 24 Hairy Portly People

Ministry - Jesus Built My Hotrod
Minks - Drunk Punks
The Chap - Few Horoscope
Chops - Giant Whale Is A Krill Eater
*Aspects - Psychoboogie
Cloud Nothings - Didn't You
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Fright Night (Nevermore)
Woods - Death Rattle
The Sharks - Music Answer (Vocal Mix)
Gold Panda - You
Acen - Trip II The Moon (Part 2: The Darkside)
Black Carrot - Magnets
Ween - Buenas Tardes Amigo

It can be downloaded, this hour-long stream of golden spew, by clicking on the Insidious Junkbox bit above - but you know this, you aren't children.

There's some classic hardcore Bond-sampling genius, which sounds a bit like the music I imagine I'll hear when my life flashes in front of my eyes. There's some woozy FM radio Ziggy Stardust impressions. There's some Bristolian twisted hip-hop from about ten years ago. A bit of mid-seventies funky reggae. Some Tom Waits business from Market Harborough. And the immensity of the immense Ween and their immense Mexican revenge song.

I've neverelse to say. Like a reluctant Best Woman at a wedding.

Your pal, Coc xx