Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The 2kDozen 500 #273 - Post War Years, "Glass House EP"

Trying to keep it quick with an EP. I love EPs. My favourite might be either "Madchester Rave On" or "Slates" by The Fall. That was a ten-inch one, so "Slates" might win. Fascinating insight stage one: complete.

There are some muscular, broad noises rippling across the EP. Pieces of the Hitchhiker super computer Deep Thought have been chipped off to make the key stabs on "Brazil", for example. Plenty of fashionable chill house noises and some stopping and starting. It all sounds very standard issue youth. I like the momentum. "Gallapagos" has a running arpeggio all the way through that means it becomes the soundtrack to an Eighties cop movie: Another 48 Beverley Hills Cops And Cash, or something

"Mirror (Roam)" is a centripetal little beast, rubbery hoover noises and some tight, clipped beats. A little like Burial, but less foggy and more coke and champers in the toilets. None of this sleekness takes it away from me though. It sits where I like it. There's something in the lyrics about "a child who needs pushing", but it passes me by, washed away in the flooded sound of a thousand liquidised Commodore 64s.

"I could not/Wash my hands of love."

Rating: Eddie Murphy out of Deep Thought

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