Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The 2kDozen 500: #260 - Hairy Butter, "Hairy Butter"

hairy Butter were towards the end of the night's work. They were chosen on account of their name, but the cover also caught my nocturnal eye. I also saw that they were on Lo Recordings, from whence The Chap emerge, clutching clever songs about girls and clubbing. So a listen I gave...

I got a little scared more than once as the repetition, fuzzy paranoid sounds and crippled loops gave me cause for strange thinks in the witching hour. And the repetition is on an industrial scale. Light industry, you know, like tiles or making lawnmowers or something. DIY enablers. Not belching steamy industrial fire into the night sky. Scares me after a bit, although I refuse to turn it off. I'm reminding a bit of Cassetteboy, but there are few lyrics.

This is Peel stuff. I imagine pale-looking child/men with dark-sounding imaginations. The kind of child/men that have cleavage on the cover of their albums. It was disturbing music, but that's not to say I didin't like it. But scary.

Rating: Fuzzy Paranoia out of Dark Imaginations

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