Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The 2kDozen 500: #277 - Hudson Mohawke x Lunice, "TNGHT EP"

Massive bass camel struts its way slowly into the picture with Hudson and Lunice between its humps. Omar Shariffs, the pair of them. That is "Top Floor" and I like it. "Gooo" is more at the controls of a low-riding tank, jumping about on its pistons at the lights, stereo shivering the air with heavy intent. Big, heavy noises lurk in the clouds.

"Higher Ground" is more military and brass-based, infra pulses of synthetic tuba marking their territory. Oriental echoey chops and baby noises underpin "Bugg'n" - a fruit machine of noises coughing up surprises while a laid-back bassline and minimal hi-hat map out the limited possibilities. Then "Easy Easy" wraps up the questions with even less predictable noises: breaking glass, electronic swanny whistles, choral humming and I'm not sure where it ends up.

Rating: Gouging Bass out of 808 Thunder

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