Sunday, 30 September 2012

The 2kDozen 500: #332 - Kanye West, "Good Music Cruel Summer"

This might be a Kanye presents... type joint rather than an album as such, but his chunky chipmunk face is written all over it.

But this is not a classic soul regurgitation with chat about thrones and platinum arse scratchers. Hefty slices of newer sounds buckle the template - "Mercy.1" is squashed with cheap, heavy bass noises and generous helpings of Giorgio Moroder Scarface samples and vocal hooks that sound like Ragga Twins. Sweetly claustrophobic. Nothing that deals in Moroder can ever go wrong. ("You don't just walk into Moroder...")

"I believe there's a God above me/But I'm God of everything else."

"New God Flow.1" rattles and booms in a great many of the right places. "Higher" (featuring Ma$e and Pusha T) sounds like a Flight of the Conchords pastiche of itself, vocals pitched so high they look down on parody. John Legend crops up on "Sin City", as do a lot of dodgy rhymes with "-city" at the end. All the action takes place over Miami Vice synth stabs and an almost motionless bassline. So a bit like being in GTA San Andreas.

Plain gloopy is "The One", slow, saccharine Auto-Tuned bilge. A sampled "One" from Public Enemy Number 1 rips and bares its teeth over and over, showing up the standing-up-off-the-bar-stool sludge that is going on atop it. "Don't Like.1" sees Kanye compares himself to both Christ and Michael Jackson, which is nice. And the sky rains with the n-word until I can't tell where the clouds stop and the brainfilth begins.

Kanye's out of touch, but not in a cool Roky Ericksen kind of way. My bad vibes towards his bland grandiose wealthiness continue.

Rating: Baller Dreams out of San Andreas

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