Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The 2kDozen 500: #318 - Goat, "World Music"

This is what it sounds like when Swedes voodoo. Somewhere near Gothenburg there is a tiny bit of Haiti, broadcasting afro-kraut-global magic.

"Disco Fever" carries plenty of gut punch. Hot guitars lash about like Indiana Jones bullwhips. Keyboard wizardry fills the picture out nicely; The Doors dropped out of a plane somewhere in west Africa and forced to finger for money and victuals. The guitars are joyfully fuzzed out throughout, the air around them is thick with pollen - with a nice pastoral bit of interplay (with road traffic noises) at the end of "Goathead". "Golden Dawn" picks up the pace, congas smoking and guitars and sax coming in at unexpected angles.

The recording sounds so close up. It's a wind tunnel swimming with psychedelic consequences; music with its blood vessels about to blow. Ecstatic noise building up to a crazed chorus of "Let it bleed" at the end of "Let It Bleed" and sounding a bit more urban and Sabbath on "Run To Your Mama". Cosmic winds blow their hair back as they ponder the best way to look ceremonially menacing. Goat bells start off "Goatlord": you can't go wrong with goat bells. Goat certainly don't.

Them crazy Swedes.

Rating: Afro-Kraut Confluence out of Sweden Campfires

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