Sunday, 30 September 2012

The 2kDozen 500: #333 - Peace, "EP Delicious"

Opening track, "Ocean's Eye", has a big epic feel to it, guitars spiralling out across nebula and funky congas rubbing seductively against snaky bass. But it's only two and a half minutes. What's up with that? Someone's not been reading their epic cosmic rock handbook probably.

It slides on into "Bloodshake", which has some of that Afro-flavoured indie shuffle while keeping the atmospheric Eighties U2 guitar in position.

"Here's one for all the diamonds in the dark/..for the amblers in the gloom" could be the beginning to a great tune, but it becomes about a girl that "tastes like sunlight" or being "born to live". It's called "California Daze", which is probably a pointer to a bit of an imagination vacuum. The same empty moves performed over and over again and printed on the covers of NME over and over again; the undying loop of acting like a rock star should act in order to be a rock star and reinforce the same empty postures.

The final track expands to fill the ten minutes that you might expect of a grander scale, "1998 (Delicious)". But it doesn't really take me anywhere. It probably needs some dub in it, to get me into a spiritual spiral. This just kind of plods. This EP just makes me even more impatient for the Tame Impala album. Dammit!!

A video on YouTube sounds better than the EP. More baggy, in the early Nineties indie dance sense. The video recalls Fools Gold (or was it Made of Stone; I've never really worked out which tune that was shot for) and there are grungey crashes at the start of the choruses. But the lyrics are just about living forever, so No, thanks.

Rating: Tiny Epic out of Tired Vacuum

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