Thursday, 6 September 2012

The 2kDozen 500: #301 - Cat Power, "Sun"

Chan Marshall. Sigh. Saw her at ATP many years ago and grew frustrated at her mumbling. I grew frustrated like a cunt that felt they were owed something. I also shouted at John Peel to stop playing such disappointing techno records. That might have been the same weekend, in fact. What a cunt I was that weekend, dear reader. But live performances aren't her forte, are they?

So this album is quiet and softly inspirational in places, as you might expect. A mystical touch ("Marry me to the sky") which suits the muted, mildly psychedelic hazy feeling that runs underneath the music. It's a campfire session of an album - a bit hypnotic, a bit intense in a quiet way. Low-key electronics here and there. Even a bit of Autotune on "3,6,9" doesn't ruin the mood. "Nothing But Time" is the stand out track, like a mellow Rolling Stones tune from a hidden decade somewhere between Sixties and Seventies.

And the music is very human-shaped, especially "Human Being". The message is pretty simple. Except when they sound autobiographical, like "Manhattan". So, never mind me. I'm just a bit of a cunt.

Rating: Mystical Mumbles out of Campfire Psychedelia

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