Thursday, 27 September 2012

The 2kDozen 500: #326 - Wild Nothing, "Nocturne"

So this all worked out nicely too. Again, not much time to record my thoughts - and my expectations weren't very high. Not such a promising title somehow.

But from the off this was cloudy, classy stuff. Perhaps I've drifted away from the floaty witch house/ kindergarten indie end of things of late. It felt a bit listening to bits of The Smiths or The Cure from their Disintegration era, pedals swelling up into the sky. Something about the chord progressions of the bass rumble. I don't know music.

Lyrics couldn't really be listened to, but seemed to be about highness, love and forgetfulness - as you might expect. "She's flooding my bloodstream/Every time I close my eyes", for example. But as a Pitchfork review I read pointed out - there are entire music scenes and many labels that spend all their time trying to recreate this sound. Technically, Jack Tatum has pulled off something pretty impressive - a bigger voice and some trickier lyrics and it would be epic.

Rating: Sweet Reanimation out of Leisure Clouds

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