Sunday, 16 September 2012

The 2kDozen 500: #310 - Teengirl Fantasy, "Tracer"

I've liked a couple of Teengirl Fantasy tracks before now. They made their way onto some Insidious Junkbox podcasts back in the day. So I was keen to cast an ear over this.

It's all a bit sterile. Too many styles being tried on without any feeling of something new being germinated. "Timeline" has a bit of a feel of House and percolating happiness, but still too studio-bound. Opening "Orbit" has a touch of Croydon about it. But too much of the album sounds like a dry run-through of some ideas for a Beverly Hills Cop XIII soundtrack.

 "Pyjama", the track with Panda Bear, contains more slow-moving shapes, musical manatees. Some drum patterns, but it's well, well worn stuff. Too many tinkling waterfalls of sound. Disappointing.

Ratings: Not Enough Time out of The Studio

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