Thursday, 27 September 2012

The 2kDozen 500: #327 - Wild Nothing, "Golden Haze EP"

So, having enjoyed Nocturne I decided to stay my hand as Spotify scrolled back through two albums from 2010. The flow from one to the next was pretty seamless on first listen. A touch of drum machine that was less strict on this year's album. But the guitar lines are identically sweet. It gives it a bit of a New Order touch at times, especially with the keyboard stabs on "Take Me In".

"Your Rabbit Feet" sounds like a Smiths tune that has been pulled inside out. Even the lyrics have caught a touch of the same debilitated fever. "It was the hungriest night I ever knew/I was so hungry for you...What do you want to know/I'll take you anything!" Some low-level, near-inaudible muttering sees me off the premises as the shoegaze riff fades into nothing. "Vultures Like Lovers" has some sturdier teeth under the candy floss.

Reviving memories of times when indie meant something more than feather cuts and designer anoraks.

Rating: Drum Machine Drifts out of Indie Manufactory

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