Sunday, 23 September 2012

The 2kDozen 500: #323 - Texas Radio Band, "Bluescreen"

From last year, but I've kept forgetting to give it a listen. Almost all in English, but with the traditional Spanish language track as a Fuck You to monoglots. Some top pop nuggets too.

"See What You're Saying" might be about arguments. It fizzes with poppy handclaps. "Besamel" has a nice pop drift, not unlike Metronomy's English Riviera. The weight in the voice reminds me of Gruff Rhys as well and the musical has the broad pop palette (or palate) that takes the elements of classical pop and inflates them into more interesting directions without breaking any of the physics.

There's a cheery Eighties keyboard on "Things In You" as though Wax were building another bridge to my heart or The Hoovers were back in business sending satellites. "In the Valley" has even more swirls and a deeply unfashionable sounds. Well, they could be unfashionable. The lyrics are a wee bit opaque, so I've no insight there.

"Un Grifo En El Mar" has squeezebox and acid squirts. It's all broad strokes, a smorgasbord of words to describe a selection of slightly different things brought together. "Used to be randy/Waiting in the bed at night."

If I was able to spend more time listening to it, there are more treasures to be found and polished with time. But for now, I have a good feeling about it.

Rating: Smorgasbord out of Solid Pop Instincts

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