Friday, 31 August 2012

The 2kDozen 500: #299 - JD and The Evil's Dynamite Band, "Explodes Across The Nation"

Another Peel Archive treasure, this time from 2001. They are looking to evoke some experimental funk from forty or so years earlier. Part of the Soul Fire collection, of whom I know next to nothing. But whatever their plans, this is some heavy business. And who can argue with a title like "Beer, (So Nice) Right On"? Except perhaps with the punctuation.

There is a heavy vein of very dark alcohol running through this. "My Beach, My Waves, Fuck Off!" also has a point it wants to make in style. The darker and hurtier the better on this album. Some of it is very funky; other tunes are more at the freaky end. Some tracks manage to mangle the both together - like "Backwards Intentions" with its fuzzy flute. Sounds like the kind of loops that Beastie Boys would use on Ill Communication. "Everglades Part 2" will one day be looped under some fresh CocOen rhymes. Whenever that sweet day comes.

But for now - enjoy the scuzzy majesty of this unsung fucking gem of an album. And all hail John Peel and the Internet!

Rating: King Kong out of Gigantic Lethal Cocktails

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