Friday, 24 August 2012

The 2kDozen 500: #287 - Y Niwl, "4"

Saw these Lleyn peninsula chaps supporting Gruff Rhys last year and it was good roadhouse, sawdust floor fun. Definitely looking to tap into a bygone era, perhaps flavoured by the surfing tendencies of the people of Penllyn. Perhaps not.

Seeming them live had done away with some of the ideas I had about this retro-facing rock; ideas of disapproval and conservatism. It just seemed like fun music to make. Listening to this mini-album has moved me a little further back to my original position.

"Dauddegun" (21) has a neat line in Link Wray wrumble. And it's named after one of my favourite numbers. But nothing really punches through. Sometimes it's so easy-going and happy, it starts to sound a bit simple. Their debut "Y Niwl" had more teeth in its mouth and a couple more tunes. But I'm sure I'll probably swing back in their direction again. Dead fickle, me.

Rating: Never Quite Punching out of The Fog

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