Monday, 27 August 2012

The 2kDozen 500: #292 - Sue Denim, "Sue Denim and the Unicorn"

"Bicycle" is about her imagination, right? Highlighted by the "something, Something/Dreaming" line. It irritates me, this lack of responsibility. It's just one speed and she wants it to take her to childish destinations like the zoo and the moon. I shouldn't be irked, but I am. It's too cute.

I liked "For JT & Carson & Emli". It's a roll call of favourite books. You don't hear that enough in songs. Books that she read in the bath "until the water was icy". I must admit that I don't know who all these names belong to; I'm quite ignorant that way. It's lonely, echoey piano, which lends the whole thing an elegaic quality. Escaping when the "real world seems thin". Pop with the wind taken out of its sails a little. I like it more than the jangling, positive stuff about a world "with no irony".

I've just found out she was in Robots In Disguise and therefore The Mighty Boosh. This also puts me off her, as they weren't great, were they? Like acting-wise and performance-wise and that. "Superunicorn" sounds like a tune that could have come out of The Boosh. It's all strikes me as a bit of an empty escapist gesture. Well, maybe not empty exactly. A bit pointless. Not much depth.

Rating: Riding The Unicorn out of Escapist Cul De Sacs

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