Friday, 24 August 2012

The 2kDozen 500: #286 - Colorama, "Good Music"

This is the third Colorama album I've listened to this year already and none of them have had much of a write up. This will be no exception. Too little time, too much to do with my hands as I listen to the music. 500 has slipped far from my hand now... Unless...

All in English and maintaining the same high level pop presence as the other two. "Anytime" is a particular highlight, scanning the horizon from the same spaghetti western heights as tracks like "Eleri" on "Llyfr Lliwio" and supporting this with a Bacharach piano line. All very classy. The Richard Hawley it's more than OK to like. "Delaware" has a touch of Clinic claustrophobic countryside about it. There will be burning wicker men somewhere or other nearby. Pub car parks may be involved.

I hate the title though - "Good Music": it's a malnourished cowpat that drops somewhere around arrogant and banal on the bingo board. Why call an album that?

Rating: Intense Pop Sensibility out of Western Spaghettiscapes

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