Sunday, 26 August 2012

The 2kDozen 500: #290 - Outerspace, "Outer Space II"

This is an album of lovely spiralling, spacely-explorative, bubbling goodness. Chill out room carpets and inky blackness behind the eyelids. I can't find a YouTube to demonstrate this, but you can choose to take my poorly-chosen words for it, if you like. There's something less astral by another band with John Elliott in called Emeralds below. Take out some of the rock pieces and it might give you an idea.

I also seem to be listening to and trying describe music that suggests endless space and timeless journeys. I like that kind of music. It gives me a feeling that most other things can't - or won't, the swines. "Vanishing Act" drifts about on solar winds for almost twelve minutes. "Liquid Systems Functions" (which I think make be a space tech reference, I don't know) is more sinister, the 2001 Space Odyssey to the rest of the album's Star Trek: Deep Space Mindfuck. The machines are not happy. They are not liquid. It's all gone very Radiophonic and that's a good thing.

There's a John Carpenter pulse through the middle section that's eventually washed away with static. Jodrell Bank funk. It's a return trip from the Forbidden Planet back to the 21st century. Twenty-five minutes later, it dies down.

Rating: Radiophonic Paranoia out of Solar Wind Drift

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