Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The 2kDozen 500: #293 - Four Tet, "Pink"

Time is tight due to stuff, so I've chance enough to say little more than I've listened to this album and try and move on with my life. It sounds a bit different from his other stuff too: a bit more earthbound. Chthonic, is that the word?

Some of the sounds are like nice, slightly claustrophobic House music noises from the Eighties. I can't quite lay my thoughts on why they sound like that. It's the pitch or something. Noughties bass noises make appearances as well. "Lion" has that Housemusik shuffle, creaking handclaps. "Jupiters" is glitchy in parts, crystalline in others - like tunes being played by the wind in an Amazonian forest. "Ocoras" is very claustric, some submerged organ sounds from a sunken musical Nautilus.

It's restless and sort of unhappy. "128 Harps" touches (literally in a sense) on the vibes and delicacy of his early stuff, but it's stuck in a nervous pace about the room of a tune. "Pyramid" is more jumbled up, fuzzy R&B vocals over some sleek rubbery four four business. I like its suburban, subwoofer menace. Jazz fingers fanny about with a stand up bass on "Pinnacles" but it's a more lateral than vertical selection. Might grow with some repeat listenings, but there are none available for now.

Also, slightly confused to report that the album cover is blue.

Rating: Preoccupied out of Fuzzy Foxholes

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