Saturday, 30 June 2012

The 2kDozen 500: #249 - DZ Deathrays, "Bloodstreams"

I've written two fucking half-reviews of this already before my laptop packed in each time. It's too late for me to bother again and I will not repeat myself a second time. So I leave you with a couple of thoughts about his album.

Part-way between metal and the kind of posey indie that wears leather jackets. A cool place to hang out and drink Jaegerbombs and vomit and that. Several noises grinding through all kinds of gears of rock and that. Blown amps and squealing vocals. They'll be at the bar if you need them.

Excellent album cover too. Like out of They Live! With the skull faces and all. In the black and white you'd expect from a band with Deathrays in their name. "Teenage Kickstarts" is also a great title. The album title works well too in terms of the adrenal excitement the friction of this music can generate.

The closer "Trans AM" goes off into an interesting place with the keyboards and that. A place just over the horizon where people probably have sex or something like that. There's a great noise on "Cops Capacity" that sounds as though it's been faxed in from the Sun. All good news.

Rating: Black Leathers out of Skull Face

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