Monday, 18 June 2012

The 2kDozen 500: #225 - Clint Eastwood, "Death In The Arena"

Those thick, dubtastic fingers are roaming around the bass struts once again. Sly & Robbie moving about as expected. Clint toasts his DJ business. It's 1978. All is good and bad with the world, perhaps in equal measure. But can I get a bead on what is going on? Not so much.

He has a curious squeaky noise he makes when he breathes in. There is plenty of patois as well. Some of the time he is a bit more interested in being friends, as on "Greetings to All" - "Greetings to all peacemaker/Hatreds to all warmonger". On "African Queen" he is looking to be a bit more romantic, although his vocal style doesn't change very much and he's talking about "rubbing it" with his African queen. And he seems to be meeting up with her in London. I've no idea what "Bubble Up" might be about. I suspect that when he's got a point to make I may well not understand.

"All I want is the strength to move many. many mountains," Clint lays out his faith. There's some family history on "Nobody's Business", but I don't quite get it. I'm not surely what he's talking about on "Tree Week Vacation", but it involves him "making a penetration" and getting some rest.

He recorded with Dillinger around this time and they have a similar style. I think. An almost nervous, giggling delivery. Even some of the same phrases - "Dynamite/Out of sight" - that kind of thing. Maybe one day I'll understand it all a bit better.

Rating: Patois out of Dub Fingers

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