Friday, 15 June 2012

The 2kDozen 500: #217 - Peaking Lights, "Lucifer"

Been waiting for this one for a while, finally latching onto a stream that's available here. The last album was deeply ace, so I'm hoping for similar top notchery this time around as well.

"Beautiful Son" dubs encouragingly while jittering, whistling noises wheel about. Family unit as they are, I wonder if this is a tune about their child. (I actually wondered that! Penetrating insight, non?) "Dreams are sweet when they turn real," she croon as if in a lullaby. "Live Loves" peps up the pace but roams around the same perimeter. Household dub.

All so apparently peaceful and straightforward. I just imagine myself sat round the kitchen table drinking a cup of some herbal tea, "Cosmic Tides" lapping around my feet. It's the danger of dub again, its resistance to my critical faculties. Such as they are. It gets a bit more mechanical around "Midnight (In the Valley of Shadows)"; a touch more disco on "LO HI". But the flow is pretty much the same. It fits in with the chill pop dream wave but gives it an extra bit of low end sinew. I can't get a handle on the words, but they feel secondary to the rhythms as well. There are also baby giggles and squeals.

Listening to "He's in the rhythm of my heart" on the penultimate song "Dream Beat", I start to wonder whether the whole album is a tribute to their little one. Whether he is their "Morning Star", the Lucifer of the title? The music on the closing song is less driven forward by dub, more a short collection of tinkling piano sounds. Then it's over. I can't think of an album happier to hang around at home.

Rating: Son Songs out of Domesticated Dub

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