Thursday, 21 June 2012

The 2kDozen 500: #233 - Neneh Cherry & The Thing, "That Cherry Thing"

"Manchild" used to make me well up, especially if I was doing the washing up at the time and was sixteen years old. "Buffalo Stance" had Cockney bits in it. Neneh was up there in the Scandanavian pantheon of Norse birds coming over here taking our music with Bjork and... Well, it was more of a Holy Duality than a pantheon. And now she is back, no doubt being cool and sexy again, the idiot! What is she playing at?

There appears to be live jazz going on, squealing sax and fat-fingered upright bass and syncopated rhythms. "Cashback" has the gold-digger trope nicely inverted too. And talking of inversion and confusion, they do a cover of "Accordion" by MF Doom too. How arse-boggling is that? "Dream Baby Dream" is a kind of positive-thinking, Western jazz mantra; but not as awful as that sounds. Not great, just not as awful as jazz mantra sounds.

It's low down the strings on "Too Tough To Die", taking its time to get going, as I suppose hardwood does. I thank yew. There's a lot of jazz screeching. "Sudden Moment" too moves about between the trees, the music recalling muscle and sinew in way most other musics don't. Is it because it's plucked and blown and depends on the bodily strength of the musician to be brought about? Ah, the mysteries of jazz! Is it about things moving around in the night? Is that why your David Lynch types will stray into its salty embraces? I like the tense cluster of chords held together in a chord underneath the whole eight odd minutes of the track. Sudden, my arse.

So to the MF Doom cover... It doesn't work, perhaps. The original was originally pretty laidback and cool, so jazz doesn't have much to add there. So it goes with dissonance, but the lyrics sound more like a speech, like a sermon, no flow. Because with Doom it's as much about how the words fit together as the images and ideas he wants to convey. So, my thumb is down. Boo, me!

"Dirt" goes a more bluesy direction. "I've been dirt/And I don't care."  But the blues can't take it where it wants to go and everything unravels into a jazzstrom, cool afterbirth every where. Is it meant to be the noise of sex? I'm not sure I've been doing it right, if that's the case.

All in all, not my packet of crisps, but not shit. I'm that profound.

Rating: Smoky Bacon out of Jazz Flavour

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