Sunday, 3 June 2012

The 2kDozen 500: #201 - Hatchback, "Zeus & Apollo"

Very chilled music, this. Best enjoyed on a long train journeys with big windows and beautiful vistas galloping past. But then, what wouldn't sound good in that scenario?

"Sunrise Prototypes" is a great title and it is a long, languid radox of a tune as well. There's plenty of majesty to be heard on "Zeus and Apollo" too from the peal of thunder at the beginning onwards. I cannot imagine having a headache listening to this music; but on the obverse, I suppose I can't imagine it being too exciting either. A bit on the passive side, a bit sober.

"Orinoco Waltz" again moves at this sedate pace, as you might expect a dancing river to do. Ideas of huge spheres turning slowly in space as a giant saxophone casts its golden light on the relevant hemosphere from somewhere further out into the cosmos. I read the words kraut and disco in a description of him on and they make some sense. "Tapir Tango" ends with some see saw Chinese music. I'm veering over into the realms of the uncritical again.

And it goes on. Pianos tinkle. Vibes travel out in waves, most slow-motionly. It closes with "The Violet Sequence" and I'm not sure how much it may represent the colour, but it builds and swells to a North Sea dimension by the end of its sixteen minutes. Choppy and cold.

Rating: Huge Spheres out of Sedation

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