Saturday, 30 June 2012

The 2kDozen 500: #245 - Cold Specks, "I Predict A Graceful Expulsion"

Doom Soul, she says. Definitely quite roomy instrumentation-wise. Sounds a little like country to my timeworn ears.

"Holland" is about "catching God in the gutter". In fact, there's a lot of that semi-mystical language. Although I think she's singing "we are dice" for a while, I now think it's "we are dust", which is less exciting. I don't understand what the title is about. I don't understand what the name of the artists is about. Frustrating. It is impenetrably personal or penetrably generic and I'm much more interested in the sound of my own thoughts. The latter is the most distinct possibility.

The option is that it's all about the voice. But it's very rarely all about the voice for me. I'm usually more interested in the words they use than how they move their vocal chords.Or at least it's not about a "good" voice. She swallows too many of the words. The opening tune, "The Mark", might be about a violent, abusive father, I'm not sure. "Heavy Hands" suggests a similar storyline; no wonder it's such a morose tempo.

"I am, I am/I am a God damn believer." There's talk of rivers, "my will is good" - lots of Christian imagery, which is always switches parts of my brain off.

The last tune ends in a cycle of "Lay me down"'s. If this isn't an album about death and the mood of death, it isn't for want of trying. Perhaps just for want of dying. It's thoughtful, but it doesn't move me. I'm starting to think that I have certain musical fetishes that I need in order to achieve connection with the sounds. They seem largely absent from this album. That probably reflects worse on me, right?

Rating: Doom Soul out of Empty Rooms

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