Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The 2kDozen 500: #227 - Savages, "Savages"

This is only a single, just two tracks - but they are both very good and I'm pushed for time and it's my ball anyway and I'll cry if I want to. Rules were writ to be tickled with, no?

So two tracks, "Husbands" and "Flying to Berlin". Pixies with Siouxsie Sioux on vocals; "His presence made me feel/Ill at ease". Shrieking and galloping low bass and hollering (if you like). Post-punk momentum summoned up like it was by those punk-funk types ten years ago or so. She sings about "God, I want to get rid of it" in such febrile, horrified tones that I think she's referring to an unborn child. But then it's about getting rid of the house, her room and her "husbands", which she pants over and over until the track stops abruptly. Nice, nice. (All future attempts at writing anything about music other than "nice" are now revoked.)

The second track is better, if anything. If I was forced to choose which was best; which I'm not. The punk gets even friendly to the discotheque and the pizzicato guitar noise that The Slits used to have on their records; and so it dances closer to my heart. I'm not sure what the lyrics are about, perhaps a rambling based on fear of flying. Descriptions of seas below and being "not yet high" and other hints I can't remember, something about worrying about crashing. If it's a b-side, it's one of them crackers.

I will be keeping an eye out for these operators, no doubt. And their little dog too.

Rating: Ontological Funk out of Domestic Horror

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