Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The 2kDozen 500: #193 - JK Flesh, "Posthuman"

Fuck me, this album is terrifying. It's past midnight, I'm already living with nightly fear of zombie home invasions and I decide to listen to an album called "Posthuman" with blowtorches disguised as guitars and the smell of wrongness pumping from its every pore. I can almost taste the flaking flesh lifting of the bone and hear the legion of flies. The cover is of veins in the back of a hand. (I thought it looked familiar; ho ho!)

Growling, distorted bass work; real metal heroism. The slow-moving majesty of terrifying things, all very Mordor. I can't really slice any pieces of it off critically yet. Maybe it's too big, too self-contained. Perhaps I'm too scared. "Punchdrunk" is played by instruments that have all been made out of leaden gongs. And it lurches out onto a frozen lake of white noise. I likes it!

"Devoured" is zombie dubstep, playing out in a nightmare scenario of post-apocalyptic garage forecourts and seriously partied out underground clubs. Concrete and the human equivalent thereof. "Posthuman" adds a chilling John Carpenter like twisting theme and jacks it all up a bit more. "Earthmover" draws on the hoover rave of the very early Nineties, coupled with some cadaverous muttered screamsinging and whining noises. This album is awesome! Not sure I could get as invested on a sunny afternoon at the park though.

Bells toll on "Dogmatic" with more feverish growling sounds and more excellent kick breaks. Hmmm. I love that ninjitsu beatmaking business! Feel the fear and kung fu anyway. "Walk Away" employs just enough detuned melody to offer the illusion of hope. I read the review in The Quietus just now, and it said how the rock music tropes gesture to where the exits should be but can't be reached, sealed up by the downturned tunes. Like in a bad dream.

Rating: No Exits out of Zombie Dubstep Deathclub

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