Sunday, 13 May 2012

The 2kDozen 500: #175 - Zulu Winter, "Language"

I don't think I'm in the mood for this album. It's too 2012. It has that drippy Coldplay wash running all over it. Maybe a couple of months ago I'd have felt better disposed to it. And is this the second album I've heard called "Language" in the last month or so? What's up with that?

"We Should Be Swimming" must be a single, and seems to be about hiding from the world on the bottom of the seabed. Self-annulment, woohoo! And sleazy annulment at that. Henry VIII on his gap year. Man City fans may well be singing "Bitter Moon" tomorrow. That's just judging by the title. I tried to listen twice and it wouldn't go in. His voice sounds too much like Chris Martin's voice, the twunk. May I also point out that I really dislike the name of the band?

"You are silver-tongued, you are/Plain obvious" and "What kind of man are you to hold onto these feelings?" suggest that singing man is either very pissed off with someone or (and this is what I'd prefer to suppose) locked into unwitting self-loathing which he projects outward in every musical direction. "You Deserve Better" contains the phrase "as you and I walk/And touch the corners of the evening", which I like, but then it bubbles up all Radio One again, the gorge rising up from the drains; whooosh! The title is a bit self-loathing again though, eh?

I've just seen a picture of the band (above) and I'm beginning to feel guilty about how much I loathe them after seeing it. It cements ideas about why I don't really like them that I can't illuminate. They look like part-timers, and not in a good amateur way. And I fear the poison in his words, words that he "wields" apparently. "I keep you with the words/The words I wield". Alright, weirdo! "Never Leave", eh? Touch of dress down Patrick Bateman about the band. Compared with the clammy, distant sound, it's a little too sociopathic for my tastes.

Rating: Exaggerated Sense out of Coldplay Similarity

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