Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The 2kDozen 500: #190 - The Walkmen, "Heaven"

I loved "Bows + Arrows" back in 2004. The only album I lost the CD of without losing the case, CocTrivia fans. Tight, furious little patch of New York indie, it was. No great scope, but dragging everything successfully to its own level - in a good way. A streetfighting album, sticking its thumbs in my eyes.

This year's offering is a little mellower, musically at least. Apparently they are feeling less detached and more generous, although the blood pressure in the throat does seem to spike a couple of times.

"Southern Heart" sets itself on a slow Faulkner fuse; "Tell me again how you love all the men you were after".  The guitar underneath swings on a lazy, Deep South summer hammock. "Jerry Jr's Tune" practically barbershops it out the door at the end. Soft was the shuffle of the shoes. The title track has more throttle in its teeth but is about someone being their best friend. Not exactly "The Rat", is it? "Line by Line" could almost be played behind Tony Hart's Gallery.

So there's not the same level of Bohemian rage that I imagined last time. He sounds a little too content and worldly-wise. And I'm not ready for that yet. Or at least I'd need more powerful tunes.

Rating: Barber Shop out of Anger Management

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