Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The 2kDozen 500: #189 - Poliça, "Give You The Ghost"

This album comes across a bit blank to inspire too many thoughts in me without any bio back up. It's got bits of zeitgeist floating in it like a bad German can of coke.

We got the treated vocals - check! Synth noises washing to and fro in the background - check! Nauseous sense of misgiving after the first couple of minutes - check! There are two drummers, but the drum power has been dissipated into an echoey, overfussy rattle.

I'm finding it a bit difficult to objectively assess this album as so much about it seems to bleed into the background. I've already listened to most of it, but haven't had as much as two thoughts about it to rub together. I haven't a subtle enough tooth in my head to get any of them into this meat of this album. I find it as spectral and wraith-like to listen to as the title might suggest. There's a hint of country dynamics. I can only assume all the chatter about R&B I've read are the result of a couple of press releases or interviews.

A couple of the stiffer tracks stand out from the general wash of Autotune and not-much-else. Closer "Leading to Death" swaggers about, drunk under its own sense of cleverness. "Violent Games" musters up some menace, though I can't summon up many of the lyrics - something about Tasers and tumbling? I dunno. Really doing nothing for me. I expect I'll be won over some time in the next six months. Although one of the many advantages to being married is that I never again have to pattern my musical likes and dislikes along the lines of someone else's motherboard because I have a crush on them. I can just cut this album free.

Rating: Ghostly Nothing out of Double Drums

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