Friday, 11 May 2012

The 2kDozen 500: #173 - Two Wings, "Love's Spring"

Interesting voice on the lead singer. Tremulous, almost squeaky, a hint of Japanese in the fibre - although she's from Essex, I believe. Still unsure as to whether it's annoying or not.

The title track sounds like Folk Britannica to me, without anyone taking too many pains to bring things up to date. Although if you were playing flutes in the late Sixties to try and sound as medieval as possible, I don't suppose another forty years would make much difference. "Valley" has Spanish picked guitar and sliding steel battling for cultural dominance in the background. I like the steel but the shuffling beat is far too C&W for my sensitive stomach to handle.

"Altars and Thrones" hangs about like a kestrel hovering above the motorway. "Just Like" sounds as though it should be behind one of those thunderous rock'n'roll revue things that rolled about in the Seventies with Bob Dylan or Bruce Springsteen or some other Messianic figure. Except we have the intercessions of this squeaky saint instead. Not feeling the need for redemption. "It Hurt Me" sounds like lead vocal duties have been taken by Sweet Baboo; perhaps that's why I like it more. Then it's back to the over-full sound again.

Think I've decided I don't like her Noh voice.

Rating: Capt Janeway out of Country & Folkestone

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