Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The 2kDozen 500: #157 - Myheadisaballoon, "[HOLD]" EP

An alter ego of the previously-covered Kingbastard, highly regarded in this parish and in others. This is available for set-your-own-price download here from today, so fill your earboots.

This is his looser-limbed pop identity, but I can't stop feeling there is enough of the same bewilderment at its core to give the delight a truly delirious edge. If pop is a sunny Saturday afternoon, Myhead is staring right into the sun, just as Kingbastard does. When he sings "I've got a strange old feelin'/That I'm not meant to be here", I believe him. The fact this tune has what might be harps in the background suggests he came from somewhere well worth a visit.

"The King is dead/Long live the bastard." A sunny ukelele melody with a hint of a crack in the middle is overwashed with echoing white noise and overloaded detail. Washed back to that antiseptic retina-destroying sunshine again. Then some more delicate picking for a minute or two, rather like what might be expected at the end of an old time kids TV show. Even with some surface hiss.

The closing title "Shutdown" has a similar mix of cute menace. The lyric "You've got a lot to answer for" hanging ominously - perhaps over himself.

Rating: Sunny out of Delight

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