Monday, 14 May 2012

The 2kDozen 500: #179 - Datassette, "The Aviatrix EP"

Was pointed in this direction by Handsome Nick, who introduced me to a track from their 2006 album, "Can You Smell Maths?". That album wasn't available for my ears though, so I've moved to this EP from 2009.

Sounds like techno from the Jazz Age, the title track - there's some newsreel audio or radio recording about Amy Johnson. "Micro" sounds slick but slight, not much going on between its ears. Puts me in mind of Royksopp in places, contentedly rolling around the eardrums.

Ambition carries a bit more bite on the third track, "Humans"; it clatters and spreads and makes detailed little noises in a way you'd expect humans to do. Pesky little fleshy fucks! Around five minutes in, the Boards of Canada turns a bit more random and Aphex - usually a very welcome development and no different here. There's a kind of wiping, photocopier noise, which I'm ashamed to say I can't think of another way to describe.

Closer "Weather Conditions" has the same feel of arthritic electronic equipment, making backward-sounding whipping and whopping noises like on BoC tracks, coming to the end of its life, looking bad on a life well-lived, welling up with silicon tears. I like it. So an EP of two halves, I'd suggest.

Rating: Two out of Four

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