Saturday, 10 March 2012

The 2kDozen 500: #95 - The Men, "Open Your Heart"

Are they plural of The Man? Can they be as good as Women? Join me here and now to answer these and other questions that I may actually answer.

The title track has a country Buzzcocks chassis, belting and bashing its way along. "Candy" pushes Gram Parsons type buttons, steel guitars sliding about in the background. "Cube" wigs out harder, but still has a boogie-woogie chug in the background. Sounds quite fun to play in this band; but I'm not hearing another precious.

It's laidback and I should like that; but so far, it's leaving me feeling pretty cold. And a little sleepy.

"Presence" doesn't really have a great deal going on either. The guitars sound bright and crunchy; but go nowhere, just slop about. I should enjoy that. Not today. Empty pedal-o-tronics. Even the Muppet drums at the beginning of "Animal" kicking off into New York Dolls rifforama does nothing to life my spirits. Well, maybe a bit.

Another time perhaps. Brooklyn has other business hidden up its gutters and aircon ducts.

Rating: Getting Nothing New out of Pedal Science

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