Saturday, 10 March 2012

The 2kDozen 500: #93 - Ceremony, "Zoo"

Begins with a Black Sabbath stroll up and down the scale. "Hysteria" is good punk sing a long business.

I don't know about Ceremony. They come from Frisco and they play(ed) hardcore, a superspeedy variety known as "powerviolence" that sounds adolescent as all bedroom Hell. Now they're recording for Matador, and Matador's Mama didn't raise them to release no unutterable shit, did she?

The third track "Repeating The Circle" has a beefy whine about it, some post-punk throb. Maybe it's a little retrospective; but I'm knocking on forty with ever-decreasing knuckles, so cut me some fuck-slack. "World Blue" has enough snot within to counteract and undercut the confident production - and isn't overburdened with lyrics. "Quarantine" is too close to a Sixties' suburban garage to ruffle many feathers; but I'm reminded of The Horrors' first album, which I eventually liked. Liked rather a lot in a bullshit in an indie china shop kind of way.

And it keeps cranking out the dumb, echoey garage punk, and I keep liking it. So that's pretty straightforward then. "Hotel" sways about in the lobby of itself, toasts itself in a grubby bar, then falls over. "Ordinary People" has something to say about "a house of cards", but I think the buttresses of our society remain untouched. Nice knicker elastic guitar solo to close it off. (I'm running with the first metaphor that comes to mind. Perhaps not the best plan, but I enjoy it.)

There's something very old school punk rock to titles like "Nosebleed" and "Community Service". Quite reassuring. As if to say, there will always be shopping centres and BBC2 and cans of cider. I can't make much out from the lyrics. But the feeling is there.

Rating: Hulking out of Garageland

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