Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The 2kDozen 500: #118 - Bear in Heaven, "I Love You, It's Cool"

I like their last/first album much. I get the image of wheels - cosmic and crunching. I'm not sure: but there is a wheeling element to their sound.

A lot of electric wash. I can't catch the lyrics. (Yes, we're back in that January obsession. Too many mumbling Brooklynites sinking their reverbed vocals deep in the mix. Speak up! Speak up! And play the fucking game!) The swirling storm of the synths partially submerges the giddy romance of the songs themselves. It keeps things a little mixed up.

"Sinful Nature" comes across as a Pet Shop Boys/Tears For Fears co-production with some extra nifty tumbling synth noises. It does. Just as the transistors are buzzing into a real heat: "Let's get loaded/And make some strange things come true". "Reflection of You" has a bit of clatter at the beginning, some grinding of gears to get things moving. "I want to run to you/My legs won't respond" goes well with the barbiturate feel of the tunes. It's cloud music; Bespinbeat.

It's the drumkit that gives this a proggy feel, rather like Add (n) to x had. The knitted fingers of keyboards and drumsticks. "Kiss Me Crazy" continues the theme of a sexy rush - the whole album from the title onwards is dedicated to it. The electrical tangle isn't confined to the circuitboards. It's a strangely sealed-off excitement though. Like a secret society with vampire nods and symbols painted on doorjambs in invisible ink.

"Sweetness & Sickness" closes it out with an exhausted Velvets thrum and some electro perculation alongside. A bit Suicide and dissonant and dissipated. A reach back to other Brooklyns and New Yorks that have been. And then we're done.

Rating: Love out of Fuzzy Cloud Logic

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