Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The 2kDozen 500: #120 - Carter Tutti Void, "Transverse"

This is a live album of the coming about of a member of Factory Floor with two of Throbbing Gristle at a Mute Records night at the Roundhouse in Chalk Farm, London. It stalks and creeps and growls. There are four tracks of around minutes each, all of them alive with twitches and distorted noises. It's really great stuff, but I feel short of words again. There isn't much in a way to easily distinguish them on the first couple of listens.

Works as a neat counterpoint to Madonna grabbing for youthful types to shore up her sagging pop career, this stuff: it's like they could have been working together for years but also sounds very fresh. It also fits in with the Metal Dance compilation from the other day; but funkier, in its motorik, moribund fashion. It's not much of a breakbeat-based funk though: the collateral damage drags other smaller rhythms out to the margins with it. But it lives like funk lives. On top of a basic propulsive rhythm noises are thrown about, cast out in long strands of meddled-with guitar and twisted vocals.

"V2" has an especially scary lurch to the rhythm and a breathy quality that would give a Dalek the shits before Cosi Fan Tutti groans over the top of this wormy noise herself. And there's a noise like a hunt horn, which I think could be her vocals again, treated to within a mile of their death. And the beast never gives a hint it might tire. I think it might be my favourite.

I can hear why most of the reviews are centred on how great the actual gig was; it must've been fantastic. But the recordings have captured a lot of the tingling menace I imagine hung in the air that evening. Its furtive and relentless and monstrous: music with things hanging from its jaws. Corruption powers.

Rating: Beast out of Collaboration

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