Thursday, 22 March 2012

The 2kDozen 500: #110 - Blood Red Shoes, "In Time to Voices"

I've always liked the look (and name) of Blood Red Shoes. But this could just be because I thought Laura-Mary was looking smoking hot on the front of one Artrocker once. I am shallow and easily distracted by the sexually-shiny. And I thought to myself, I thought, time is the time I put my organs into internecine uproar and see where my ears lead me.

"Lost kids with nothing left/Throwing rocks into the dark/...We just want to watch it burn." Not quite buying that. That's from "Lost Kids". I don't think they're kids. "Cold" is currently cropping up on XFM very readily. (I can't listen to Radio 4 or Moyles in the car in the morning. Please don't judge me: it's deeply unattractive.) That is not a great sign - even allowing the fact that I may be lurching about in ill-conceived indie snobbery. Also I don't tend to get on that well with guitar/drum two-pieces. They sound thin pretty quick more often than not.

I can't pin down what I think "Two Dead Minutes" might be about. Things not being real, hands being tied: a bit of a generic sense of things getting out of hand - but with a winning period of shoegazey thump at the end. "The Silence and the Drones" doesn't do much more to convince me that they aren't just going through lyrical motions. Something about a lonely functionary?

"Stop Kicking" sounds too in the moment as well.  I'm not sure what it is I'm objecting to, but the unease won't leave me alone. It feels a bit empty: whatever message they've got, I'm not hearing. "Slip Into Blue" cranks up some momentum; but nothing snags my attention. I've noticed a few lyrics about being tired.

Wish them well, those guys. They seem nice, but not that stirring or engaging. Or maybe too sophisticated for my cartoon tastes.

Rating: Disappointment out of All Proportion

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