Friday, 16 March 2012

The 2kDozen 500: #105 - Spotlight Kid, "Disaster Tourist"

Shoegaze, part deux. Boy/girl vocals and guitars pedalled with effects. If you were going to try and sound like a band, why not aim for My Bloody Valentine, eh? Even it goes a bit Chapterhouse or Kitchens of Distinction at times: no shame there. Slowdive always reminds me of very happy student times.

The keyboard in the middle of "April" is far too weedy; but all the stops are fucked up on "Creeps (Interlude)". A beast worthy at times of Mr Shields' name, grinding and wheeling and menacing: whorls and hiccups like a fingerprint. "Forget Yourself In Me" reminds me how Eighties MBV were; how many of the same crisp buttons they pushed as the Echos and the U2s and the like. (Well, not literally the same buttons. MBV found all kinds of buttons that no-one had thought to push before.)

"Freefall" is the ultimate shoegaze title: they didn't have to dig too deep for that one. "Cold Steel Rain" probably didn't drop too far from the tree either. It's so well reconditioned, this shoegaze album, that it really could be from twenty years in distant. But as a labour of love, it sounds well-polished and carefully greased and maintained. One careful lady owner.

"Haunting Me" brims with hailstone guitar and sounds like spinal fluid. "Lifeline" has the tune played on the acoustic guitar that shoegazers always used to have. It's all there, it's all so Proust. Reverie, reverie - they've all got it in for me!

Sounds like I disparage, but I've enjoyed it. It's evoked some of the romance of the night-time spent listening blanched guitars, their calloused, rock skins sloughing off onto the carpet.

Rating: Flattery out of Imitation

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