Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The 2kDozen 500: #24 - Caged Animals, "Eat Their Own"

A break-up album, yeah?

The title track says "you might as well eat your own, darling" because "I've seen many fancy loves rotting in the grave". So there's that. Then "Teflon Heart" is a pretty classy way to try and wriggle your way past an ex, complete with ironic lo-tech guitar solo clumsily toppling in at the appropriate point. It's a winning tune for losers in love everywhere, nice bit of thrift store organ buttressing up. And apparently the ex made him watch "Magnolia", which is pretty unforgiveable.

"They broke my heart into a thousand diamonds/So I'm going where the sun is always shining." You get the picture in its cinemascopic glory. And the sun is shining on a lot of the songs here, but from behind some closed curtains, a painful chink in the wallowing gloom.

And there appears to be a naked woman in a blindfold lost in the forest. Which is hot.

"All The Beautiful Things In The World" has the drum loop from "Loser" in it. Nice! Anything that reminds me of early Beck will put me in a rosy mood with the world. There are other flavours of failed romance and the solipsism it generates. "Piles of $$$" opens up another kettle of thinks with some homemade GLC-style R'n'B. "The NJ Turnpike" goes all steam-powered Doowop. "Feelingz" spreads out like a warm patch on the sheets after a night on the hard liquor.

One man trying to keep a smooth course over the jagged loverocks that scratch his hull. Sharks of romance and dolphins of trust squaring up in the briny deep. We've all been in those bedrooms, but not all of us have come out with an album under our elbow.

Rating: Turnpike out of Heartbreak County

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