Friday, 13 January 2012

The 2kDozen 500: #17 - Trailer Trash Tracys, "Ester"

No messing: swirling headspace psychedlic step off from the outset. Moving on into a JAMC style twang and thump of "You Wish You Were Red". Then fairground, cheap drum machine fill Beach Boys motions of "Dies in 55", that has game show keyboard stabs as though the album was recorded during The Crystal Maze. Junkstop Bontempi beats on "Engelhardt's Arizona" with herds of nodding guitar daffodils thrashing behind.

I excitedly think to myself that this could be one of the best albums of 2012 even though it's one of the first. Then there's a gear change. The frenetic bubble of ideas from the first few tracks slows down to a big, echoey treacle with "Los Angered" (great title) and "Starlatine". My enthusiasm dips. "Candy Girl" is maybe too much of a pop song, if that's possible. And I'm hearing a lot of desert stuff? Is that the only place to dream? Are my third and fourth ears drying up?

My critical faculties blunted. Insight lost. This dream pop interpretation is a trickier lark than it first appears. Still 482 to go. I should never have read that blog review of Youth Lagoon, it stymied my mojo and no mistake.

Ratings: Smash Hits out of Twin Peaks

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