Thursday, 12 January 2012

The 2kDozen 500: #16 - Youth Lagoon, "The Year of Hibernation"

Well, I don't know about you kids, but this 2012 has got off to a complicated enough start it's got me wishing I was going to be hibernating right through, you know what I mean? Right?

If I was going to try and think of a spooky, backward-looking, nostaligia-infected patch of land - maybe with a half-broken jacuzzi - where I wanted to encourage all the echoey youth of Brooklyn and thereabouts to stay and play, I think I'd call it Youth Lagoon. All warm and wet and safe and hidden from the world, but with a tendency for stagnation and the occasional scary Creature.

I do love this stuff, this slippery Zeitgeist. Even the cover's all vintage photograph and rainbows. Stick in a unicorn and it's a psychedelic hipster paradise. (These are tired, tired words - I apologise.) Headphones are my friends.

The escapist titles are there too: "Posters", "17", "July" and "Daydream". I suppose there is no real urge to grow up and go to war and raise kids and shit out a mortgage these days. I'd look for lyrical insights to guide my thoughts. But as per usual, I can't keep my mind on the words - the trembly falsetto of the vocals makes it even harder. Not that there are a lot of words; it's mostly about the glow.

Anthems and biscuits.

Rating: Rainbow out of Adolescence

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