Monday, 16 January 2012

The 2kDozen 500: #23 - Milagres, "Glowing Mouth"

Coldplay vocal pattern recognition software enabled.

They seem to sing about light a lot. And wind. I get the feeling that they may believe themselves to be the source of that light. I get the feeling it may be out of their arses. Also the wind. I may not be feeling the softly-spoken epic rock sound at the moment. Although I don't suppose they're that different from Wild Beasts, and I was all over them last month. On the other hand again, I can be wary of the Messianic element. And I'm fickle little pickle; so what?

"Moon on the Sea's Gate" maybe pushes its boat further out into those more British territorial waters - and the album as a whole bobs about quite comfortably on those waves. "To Be Imagined" has a few oboes in the background, and I consider them a very British sort of instrument. Ridiculous as that must read. Maybe I'm coming around to them a little now. I also had problems with Wild Beasts when I first heard them.

The last-ish track (there's a bonus on the album I heard) starts with the line "Like a little bird with its wings spread wide/I have felt your everything/From the tips of your hair to your heel". Then some leaves flicker in the wind and some light shines in through a window. And I think that's partly why the lyrics haven't much impact. You can't make much of an impact with lines like that.

So maybe another listen will yield a bit more than indie atmospherics. Or maybe we'll never know.

Rating: Like A Little Bird With Its Wings Spread Wide out of Well-Thumbed Lyric Book

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