Monday, 9 January 2012

The 2kDozen 500: #13 - SBTRKT, "SBTRKT"

Too slick, this guy.

Everything sounds a little too clean. Again another name I've seen batted about. And a name I've heard on the UK's Favourite Loveable Radio One FM. And in a typically dense move, I didn't know that SBTRKT and "Subtract" were the same geezer until it was too late.

It smells too much of mainstream: Pop in the wrong outfit, drinking from the wrong barstool, moving about in a rather empty swagger, not taking its jacket off. Suspicious. The spectre of UK Garage for those looking out for it.

"Right Thing To Do" has a bit more blood in its pocket, more along the lines of The XX or Burial, that postcode. Moodier, lurking about the darker corners of the dancefloor. Maybe the occasional whiff from the toilets. A bit of sick. "Pharoahs" too uses its lyrical and melodic elbows more. Spoke broad, the tracks with Jessie Ware and Roses Gabor pack more emotional muscle than the Sampha tunes.

But the guy knows how to wear a mask. I'll cough up the credits for that one. I'll give it another listen later.

Rating: Pinstripe out of Kilter.

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